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Mighty Matcha Tea Set


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Our Mighty Matcha Tea Set is everything you need to make matcha part of your daily routine!

Matcha green tea is reported to be high in antioxidants, rich in fiber, magnesium and vitamin C.  The plant used to produce our ceremonial grade matcha is shade grown!  This results in a higher presence of chlorophyll, which is of course considered to be a powerful detoxifier.  That sounds pretty amazing so far, right?  It is no wonder Matcha has become a health craze.  But, be aware, there are different grades of Matcha, and not all of them have the same health benefits.  Our Ceremonial Grade Matcha is of the highest quality there is.  You can taste the difference apart from anything else!  So, typically the good stuff comes at a slightly higher cost.  But trust us, it is so worth it.

A scoop of Matcha powder whisked with hot water releases a fresh, grassy aroma.   As a result, it translates to a light grassy taste with a sharp but slightly sweet finish.

We suspect that it should be one of your 5 a day and we have some ingenious recipes to get it into any routine! Check out our Mighty-Matcha-Recipe-ideas for some inspiration.

This Matcha Tea Set includes:

30g of our Mighty Matcha – a highly praised ceremonial matcha green tea

Handmade Bamboo Matcha Spoon

Handmade Bamboo Whisk

Whisk Stand

Ceramic Matcha Bowl

Valued at £47.75, detox with this amazing gift set for only £39.95!


Check out our video on How to Make Matcha Tea & Matcha Lattes.


Our Mighty Matcha is made from high grade Japanese green tea grown by a farmer in Uji Region and ground to a fine green powder.

Our Bamboo Matcha Spoon, or ‘Chasaku’, is a Japanese tradition – it makes measuring out the perfect serving of matcha powder a doddle!

Handmade in durable bamboo to traditional standards, this style of spoon has been used for centuries in Matcha routines.

Length: approx. 18cm Width of scoop approx. 1cm

Hand-wash only


Our traditional Japanese Bamboo Matcha Whisk is handmade from quality bamboo, following the centuries old technique.

100% Bamboo

Height: 10 cm Diameter of Whisk: approx. 6cm

Not suitable for the dishwasher

Made in China

When not busy whisking, place your bamboo whisk in this porcelain Whisk Stand. This will help keep the traditional shape of the whisk, ensuring it lasts longer.

Duck-egg blue

Height: 7.5cm

Recommended hand-wash

Made in China

Our traditional-style Matcha Bowl means making matcha part of your daily routine can look so stylish! This bowl is the perfect size to whisk up your greens!

Duck-egg blue

Recommended hand-wash

Made in China


To make: Put 1/2 tsp of matcha powder into the bowl. Mix with a few drops of cold water to form a paste then add 30ml 80 degree water (or your liquid of choice – orange juice works well too) into a mug or bowl then lightly whisk in a W shape until frothy. Add more matcha or a squeeze of honey to taste.
100% Japanese ceremonial matcha tea


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