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Gyokuro – Our answer to most things in life!

At eteaket HQ, you will hear the name of this tea uttered often.  ‘Oh are you getting a cold?  Go and get some Gyokuro!’ Or ‘Oh are you not feeling great, go and get a mug of Gyokuro!’.  So I am sure you can see we are a huge fan.  Our Gyokuro is our favourite green tea here at eteaket.  The bushes used for this rare and much coveted Gyokuro tea are shaded for the first 3 weeks of May while the first flush develops. This decreases the bitterness and results in a sweet, flavourful cup.

Gyokuro is Japan’s best tea.  And wow, trust is, it’s special.  However, we strongly suggest you make sure that you brew this tea at 80 degrees so that you do not burn the leaves – it makes such a difference to the taste.  If you are using a standard kettle, just make sure to add some cold water to cool the water down before adding your tea to brew.

Plastic-free tea

We provide the highest quality ethically sourced teas from all over the world.  What could possibly be better than that you may ask…  Well, our teas are 100% plastic free.  From the bio-film we use to hold them, we also use biodegradable and compostable labels on our refills and sachets, so we have you covered to enjoy our tea responsibly.  Because really, to enjoy natures wonders, we all need to take care of it.

By switching to loose leaf tea you’re not only saving the planet from more packaging but you’re getting a great cup of tea.  If you’re new to loose leaf tea, fear not.  We have 100% plastic-free self-fill teabags with drawstrings for you to create your brew.

We think the best way to enjoy it is with an Infuser Mug or an Infuser Teapot like our colourful Eteaket teapots, (or the amazing cast iron Japanese Style teapots).  Other handy tools include the Perfect Tea Measure Spoon and a Tea Timer.





Best Drunk

Morning or Noon

Our suggested caffeine levels contained in this tea are based on the results of an experiment which we conducted with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in 2013.  The experiment measured the mg levels of caffeine in a 300ml cup of brewed tea.  The more teacups illustrated, the stronger the caffeine level!

To Enjoy: Use 1 tsp per cup, add hot water that hasn’t yet begun to bubble (around 80°C) and brew for 3-4 mins. Serve immediately or remove leaves so you don’t ruin all your hard work.

For a Cold Brew: Experiment with how long you steep this tea for. The longer it is steeped, the more ‘nutty’ notes are present. Try a cold brew with 1 teaspoon of tea for 4 hours in 500ml of cold water... Interesting.
100% Japanese Green Tea

Shizuoka, Japan



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