Jasmine Pearls in Fujian Province


We were lucky enough to taste lots of jasmine tea during our recent trip to China, including our very own Jasmine Pearls. Produced in East Fujian Province, our Jasmine Pearls are pearl-like with white downy hairs. The liquor is bright yellowish-green with a high and lasting mixed fragrance of jasmine and green tea.

The jasmine flower truly has the most beautiful scent in the world. Originally grown in ancient India, it was transplanted into China 1,700 years ago. First planted in Yunnan, it was widely distributed throughout China. Today the flowers are mainly used for scenting jasmine tea. The flowers are carefully laid out over the delicate green tea leaves overnight so the tea naturally absorbs the scent of the jasmine. In the morning the flowers are removed and the process is repeated for the next two nights. Although the green tea is harvested around April/May, it has to wait for the best quality jasmine flowers (Midsummer flowers), which are harvested from mid July to end August. It’s worth the wait.

Jasmine Pearls really are a labour of love and the resulting cup is one of life’s great pleasures. Click here to check out our Jasmine Pearls.

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